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New Features December 2020
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New Features
1. Multiple Addresses
In December, we introduced a new feature - Multiple Addresses which allows the admin to set an address for each block, representing premises at different locations or branches.
Figure 1-1: Interface to a new block
Figure 1-2: Manage Company Module
With the feature, employees that were assigned to the block will have their office address tally with their actual work address. Hence, when the employee is inviting visitors, the correct office address will appear on the invitation message for the visitor.
Figure 1-3: Example of Invitation Message
In addition, the employees are also given the option to select the meeting location when creating an invitation or upon confirming an appointment.
Figure 1-4: Invitation Page & Pre-registration Confirmation Page
Once the meeting location is selected, the visitation ticket with the corresponding address will be sent to the visitors.
Figure 1-5: Visitation Mailer
2. Contractor Details
Some companies may require to collect different personal information from the contractors. Hence, TimeTec VMS developed a new feature - Contractor Details to cater to this issue. The admin may enable this feature from the Contractor Details settings page and proceed to set the registration form for contractors.
Figure 2-1: Contractor Details Settings Page
Once the feature is enabled, the fields on the walk-in registration form will change according to the purpose of visit selected. For example, if “Contractor” is selected as the purpose of visit, the fields will change by following the settings defined in the Contractor Detail page.
Figure 2-2: Walk-in Registration Form (Contractor Feature Enabled)
The information of the contractor who registered with this feature will be grouped under the section for Contractors in the Visitation Module for easier visitor management.
Figure 2-3: Visitation Records > Contractors
3. Visitation Module
Aside from that, last month we also revamped our Visitor Module and renamed it as Visitation Module as it is now supporting more than just visitors’ data. The new Visitation Module is able to support data for the visitors and contractors, while also ready to support data from our upcoming feature - Delivery. Each tab consists of 4 records: Profile Record, Blacklist Record, Access Record, and Health Screening Record.
Figure 3-1: Interface for Visitation Records
Each record is equipped with the column filter feature, allowing admin to customise the listing and print it for record-keeping purposes.
Figure 3-2: Column Filter
The pdf version of the record generated is revamped to support more columns. Identification number is partially censored in all printable for privacy. In addition, the Health Screening report is enhanced with keys to indicate the fields of each column.
Figure 3-3: Health Screening Record
4. Access Reports
Three new reports are added to TimeTec VMS - Visitor Activities Analysis Report, Access Point Activities Analysis Report, and Transaction Logs Analysis Report. All the reports are related to the access control in the premises, and only available if the company is using the access point feature.

Visitor Activities Analysis Report showcases the access points that a visitor has passed through within a data range.
Figure 4-1: Visitor Activities Analysis Report
Access Point Activities Analysis Report showcases the list of visitors that passed a specific access point within a date range.
Figure 4-2: Access Point Activities Analysis Report
Whereas the Transaction Logs Analysis Report consists of the access records happen within the premise sorted by time.
Figure 4-3: Transaction Logs Analysis Report
5. Keyword Search in Walk-in Registration Form
Now there is a keyword search feature to the walk-in registration form for the front desk to easily search for a specific company, department and employee by entering the keyword in the search bar.
Figure 5-1: Walk-in Registration Form with Keyword Search
6. Support from TimeTec
Some clients may need support from our team to remotely assist them with the account setup. To protect the business confidentiality, we give the account owner an option to allow TimeTec support to access their account only when it is needed. Once this option is enabled, the TimeTec team may access the account from the backend for support purposes. The account owners can disable the support anytime at the system settings page.
Figure 6-1: System Settings with Support from TimeTec Feature
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Note: If some of the screenshots or steps viewed here are different from the ones in the current system, this is due to our continuous effort to improve our system from time to time. Please notify us at info@timeteccloud.com, we will update it as soon as possible.
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