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TimeTec VMS is a cloud-based visitor management system designed to better manage and monitor visitors to your workplace.

It seamlessly integrates with IoT access control devices and other TimeTec cloud solutions, to cater to all stakeholders for modern building management to create a pleasant, better and safer environment.
Pre-inform & Pre-approve on Your Visit   
QR Code Generated for Verification   
No More Queuing & Waiting at the Guardhouse
Gain a Secured & Friendly Visitor Experience
Our Features
Pre-Register Visitors
MyKad Friendly
Blacklist Menace
QR Code Verification
Built-In OCR
Invite Visitor
Walk-In Visitor
Customizable Form
Calendar View
Lift Access
Turnstile Access
Door Access
Multi Companies
Create Your Account
TimeTec & Kone build a New People Flow Experience
How does TimeTec VMS work?
Visitor registers (Pre-register, walk-in or via invitation)
Host receives notification and approve visit (via Web, mobile App)
Visitor receives access permission and checks in
Meeting takes place
Visitor checks out
Check-in Types
Human Interface
PC Desktop or Tablet
Quick registration and admission for walk-in/pre-registered visitors
Speedy on-the-spot registration
On-the-spot QR code generator via email or messaging App
Admin customizable e-registration form
Embedded optical Character Recognition (OCR) for Driver's License or Identity Card reading
PC web interface available as optional
Printable visitor pass
QR code check-in verification
Panic alert
PC Desktop i-Vizit Tablet Panel
Self-Service Interface
Cloud-based self-service visitor registration panel
On-the-spot QR code generator via email or messaging App
Standalone video communication with host via TimeTec VMS App
Easy installation (wall-mounted or with tablet holder)
Admin customizable e-registration form
Visitor auto-admission access control
Security enhancement via real-time CCTV footage
QR Code check-in
Panic Alert
i-Comm Visitor Self-Service Panel
Interactive Hubot Interface
Receptionist administrative assistant
Interactive Artificial Intelligence visitor experience
Integrated i-Comm features
Video Intercom visitor admission access control
  Hubot XV
Visitor Access Control with
QF Plus Terminal

QF Plus, an Android terminal, preloaded with QF Master App, seamlessly integrated with TimeTec VMS to enhance visitor access control by using authentic QR Code and face recognition for turnstile, elevator and door access.
With TimeTec VMS App
a user can manage invitations as well as view visitor information so no visits or appointments are missed or overlooked. On the other hand, the App also provides the visitee a tool to pre-register and to inform the host on their visits so they can get the confirmation prior.

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TimeTecVMS is available in 12 languages; on web and mobile app.
English • Spanish • Indonesian • Malay • Chinese Traditional • Chinese Simplified • Thai • Arabic • Vietnamese • Hindi • Nepali • Turkish and more...
TimeTec is in compliance with various standards and certifications.
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To manage visitors with the designated floors, gates and doors they can access via Mobile App, you can integrate TimeTec VMS with our cloud based access control system TimeTec Access, together with our IoT products.

TimeTec Access
Smart Reader
Smart Lift
Smart Barrier
Smart Lock
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