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TimeTec VMS is a cloud-based visitor management system designed to better manage and monitor visitors to your workplace.

TimeTec VMS consists of 3 major components: rules and regulations by premises owners, visitor experience via multiple interface options provided, and visitor management either by security guards or receptionists on duty and visitor management in unmanned environment.

Premises owners are presented with a web platform for them to determine the information needed from the visitors plus the rules and regulations for visitors to be allowed in.

TimeTec VMS offers pre- and on-the-spot registration methods whereby for the pre-registration, visitor can request for a visit via the host company’s website or be invited by the host. For on-the-spot registration, the walk-in visitor needs to secure visitation by filling in the same information required for pre-registration.

Three modes of visitor interface options are offered by TimeTec VMS, namely i-Vizit tablet which is managed by a guard or a receptionist; i-Comm that serves as a visitor self-service video intercom interface, and the interactive interface by using an AI (Artificial Intelligent) Hubot XV robot.

TimeTec VMS also enhances security by using OCR to extract visitor's identity data for record purposes and by integrating IoT devices for various access controls such as doors, barrier gates, turnstiles and elevators.

By having all visitor information intact, the control is always on your hands in ensuring the security and safety of your premises and your assets.

TimeTec VMS caters to all stakeholders to create a pleasant, better and safer environment for all.
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How does TimeTec VMS work?
Visitor registers (Pre-register, walk-in or via invitation)
Host receives notification and approve visit (via Web, mobile App)
Visitor receives access permission and checks in
Meeting takes place
Visitor checks out
Take your pick from i-Vizit, i-Comm and Hubot XV
Human Interface
Human Interface is the most common scenario, which requires a guard or a receptionist to attend to walk-in/pre-registered visitors. TimeTec VMS offers two options for Human Interface: i) PC Desktop or ii) Android Tablet.

On top of these two options, for office towers that have high visitor traffic, TimeTec VMS also provides semi-auto function to speed up on-the-spot registration by allowing walk-in visitors to use their own mobile phones to scan the QR code placed at the reception counter, and to land them on a self-registration web page which have all their information appearing on i-Vizit after they have submitted the e-form for further processing by the guard or the receptionist.
PC Desktop i-Vizit Tablet Panel
Self-Service Interface
I-Comm is a wireless cloud-based video intercom system which can be used as a self-service visitor registration panel either placed on a receptionist counter or being wall mounted at the lobby door to act as a smart door system. After the registration, the i-Comm panel would allow visitors to video call the host that has installed a TimeTec VMS App. The host would be able to see the visitor that stands before the i-Comm, and the host could accept the visitation just by pressing check-in on his/her smartphone and that action will send a command to i-Comm to open the lobby door for the visitors to enter the premises by using Bluetooth communication that has been integrated with TimeTec BLE-2 controller.
i-Comm Visitor Self-Service Panel
Interactive Hubot Interface
Hubot XV is an interactive robot receptionist that offers an impressive visitor experience. Not only that it is loaded with interactive Artificial Intelligence (AI) features, Hubot XV also is integrated with all the TimeTec IoT access control devices such as TimeTec BLE-2 for smart door and smart turnstile, as well as TimeTec BLE-16 for smart lift which enables its role in ushering visitors. Hubot XV is programmed to interact with humans through vision, speech and body language, to achieve both automation and security for visitor management at office towers. Hubot can help register and verify visitors, and arrange visitor to video call the host and to open the door for the visitor if the host accepts the visitation.

  Hubot XV
Visitor Access Control with Authentic QR Code
QR Master is an authentic QR code access control system that has been integrated with TimeTec VMS. It is such a great tool to tighten up TimeTec VMS visitor access control around its premises. Every time when visitors pre-register, they will receive a QR code via email or WhatsApp and for walk-in visitor, a QR code would be generated on the spot.

Visitors having these QR codes, either on their smartphone or printout, can use the code scan at the QR Master App (smart phone) installed at access points such as lobby door, elevator and etc, and the code might come with restricted time zone and access points.
With TimeTec VMS App
a user can manage invitations as well as view visitor information so no visits or appointments are missed or overlooked. On the other hand, the App also provides the visitee a tool to pre-register and to inform the host on their visits so they can get the confirmation prior.
Sokongan TimeTec tersedia untuk membantu anda, 24/7 sepanjang tahun. Ketahui bagaimana anda boleh sampai kepada kami.
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TimeTecVMS boleh didapati dalam 12 bahasa; di web dan aplikasi mudah alih.
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TimeTec mematuhi pelbagai standard dan pensijilan.
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Untuk menguruskan pelawat dengan tingkat yang ditetapkan, pintu dan pintu yang mereka boleh akses melalui Aplikasi Mudah Alih, anda boleh mengintegrasikan TimeTec VMS dengan sistem kawalan akses awan berasaskan TimeTec Access , bersama-sama dengan produk IOT kami.

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