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TimeTec VMS Human Interface Comparison between Desktop and Android Tablet
  Web Android Tablet
Platform • Any computer with internet connection and internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and etc.
• More aesthetic to put in reception counter.
• Require a computer desk or more physical space. 
• Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 with Tablet holder and phone receiver
• More portable and require less physical space.
Application • Access www.timetecvms.com via browsers. • Install i-Vizit Android app
• Using AppLock for kiosk mode
bR301 ACR38U
Capture visitor information • Using SmartCard readers to read visitors' identity card.
• More accurate of information capture from the Identity card.
• Unable to capture information from Malaysian driver’s license because it is not a contact card.
• Using Optical character recognition to convert printed text to digital text.
• Support Malaysian ID Card,
Malaysian Driver’s License, Passport and other countries' identify cards.
• Able to capture information from non-contact card.
• Not 100% accurate due to image quality and brightness.
Unlock door/lock NA • i-Vizit app can communicate with BLE2.
Visitor QR code check-in • Require to use QR Code scanner • Can use the tablet's front camera to read the QR code.
Printer • Can print using any printer connected to the PC or network. • Integrated with Brother themal printer to print the visitor’s QR code.
Accessibility • Accessible from anywhere and anytime. • Only accessible from the designated location.
Functionality • User can access all module in web portal. • User only can access visitor management module and other module is not available in the tablet.
Cost • Desktop Computer and required peripherals. • Tablet and required peripherals