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QR Master 110
The Better Way to Manage Visitor Access with QR Code
QR Master is another great addition to TimeTec line of smart products and solutions. It is an access control reader in the form of a mobile App in Android smart devices, where each QR Master is a unique access point that controls the IN and OUT activities of each door. However, the QR Master does not control the door opening/closing action by itself. Instead, it has to be paired with a TimeTec BLE-2 via a Bluetooth connection. The TimeTec BLE-2 is a Bluetooth Low Energy smart door controller that controls the door opening and closing mechanism once it receives command from a QR Master.
The Mechanism of a QR Master with Authentic QR Code

Everytime an admin approves or invites a visitor, the cloud server will generate an authentic QR code to be sent to the visitor immediately. No self-generated QR code is permitted to be used at a QR Master. Whenever the visitor presents this QR code to a QR Master, the information of an access permission based on time zone and access points contained in the QR Code will be relayed to a cloud server for a real-time authentication of an access. If the result returns true, the visitor will be given access via the QR Master, whereby it will send the encrypted unlock door command to the TimeTec BLE-2. For every access activity happening via the QR Master, the cloud server will record the access point, the date and time immediately, and it applies Antipassback rules by default instantaneously. It means that the same QR code must be scanned at the entry point of a QA Master before it can be scanned for exit at the Exit point QA Master. In case the visitor share the same QR code with one other person, that person cannot be using the same QR code to gain access once the visitor have used it. This anti passback rules is preventing unauthorised access by using duplicated QR Codes.
Comparison of authentic QR code and dynamic QR Code

Dynamic QR code is another alternative for consumer to use in order to prevent unauthorised access by using generic QR codes. The work mechanism for dynamic QR code is different from the authentic QR code. With dynamic QR code, every time a visitor presents a QR code to a QR Master, the server will generate a new QR code with different content. The Server then will send the new QR code to the visitor for his or her next use at an access point. At the same time, the server will also send the QR code to the next access controller, for it to be ready to recognise the new QR code from the visitor. However, this process would require a server with high processing power for it to generate new QR codes, to send the codes to visitor and access controller immediately. When the door quantity growing, the server needs to take up even more processing power to perform these actions. When you add more installation locations, and receiving more visitors, the server will suffer. Therefore, to prevent the misuse of QR code in access control, a combination of authentic QR code and anti passback rules is the best solution for consumers without burning a hole in the pocket with high specification server.
  Authentic QR Code Dynamic QR Code
Server generates QR to visitor One time generate to use by one visitation. Re-usable for multiple entrance and exit during one visitation. Require to generate new QR code for one visitation. Each code only for one time use either entry or exit action.
Authentication process Real time authentication at server to determine access permission. Server sends the QR code content to store inside the local door access controller. Authentication by individual door access controller at each door.
Server updates door access controller Not applicable as all authentication happen inside server. Server requires to send new QR code to next access controller after visitor verifies to enter/exit at the current door access controller.
Data stored inside QR code One QR code is an unique ID to represent a access permission towards a person. Each QR code is a card ID, to be verify by local access controller.
The Affordable Pairing

The combination of a QR Master and a TimeTec BLE-2 is a cost effective option for visitor management access control system as compared to installing a normal access reader where the management has to think about access token to be supplied to visitors at all times. With QR Master and TimeTec BLE-2, visitors can use their own smartphone as an access token, reduce cost and management operation, and add convenience.