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QR Master & TimeTec BLE-16
for Elevator Control

Turns a smartphone into a face recognition reader

QF Master New Features
QR Master also can be used for elevator access by pairing TimeTec BLE-16, via Bluetooth communication between users and QR Master to reach designated floor inside an elevator car. The TimeTec BLE-16 is a Bluetooth Low Energy smart elevator controller that controls the designated floor mechanism once it received the command from QR Master.
Elevator + TimeTec BLE16 Schematic
   The power input port. Use 12V DC 3A power supply to power up the BLE-16.
   The input and output slots to connect to the lift button panel and the floor control panel. Each channel is for one floor only.
Input to connect to individual button at the lift button panel.
Output to connect to the individual relay at the floor control panel.
   The Bluetooth receptor to receive command from mobile app and Bluetooth cards.
•  Please take note on the example of 1st Floor Button wiring to BLE16 CH1 and Lift Panel 1st Floor Relay. Modify ONLY buttons of the floors required to control
•  Do Not modify Ground Floor Button and Ground Floor Relay, reason being Ground Floor is mandatory accessible
•  Also, do not modify Open and Close Button for the same reason
The Mechanism of a QR Master with Authentic QR Code

Everytime an admin approves or invites a visitor, the cloud server will generate an authentic QR code to be sent to the visitor immediately. No self-generated QR code is permitted to be used at a QR Master. Whenever the visitor presents this QR code to a QR Master, the information of an access permission based on time zone and access points contained in the QR Code will be relayed to a cloud server for a real-time authentication of an access. If the result returns true, the visitor will be given access via the QR Master, whereby it will send the encrypted designated floor command to the TimeTec BLE-16. For every access activity happening via the QR Master, the cloud server will record the access point, the date and time immediately, and it applies Antipassback rules by default instantaneously. It means that the same QR code must be scanned at the entry point of a QR Master before it can be scanned for exit at the Exit point QR Master. In case the visitor share the same QR code with one other person, that person cannot be using the same QR code to gain access once the visitor have used it. This anti passback rules is preventing unauthorised access by using duplicated QR Codes.