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  Q What is TimeTec VMS?
  A TimeTec VMS is a cloud-based Visitor Management System software that requires no installation. The data is centralized and is accessible to the company anytime and anywhere to monitor all the visitor activities. The system offers 3 types of interphases that can suit your front desk needs including better reception, an unmanned kiosk, and interactive robot receptionist. The system can accept visitor pre-registration to smoothen the required procedures. All visitation data is kept securely in a cloud server for reference. TimeTec VMS data connectivity is also built with low latency for real-time visibility and process efficiency.
  Q 2. Why is TimeTec VMS a better choice to combat Covid-19?
  A TimeTec VMS has a Health Screening Module which offers a series of protection features to promote contactless and eliminate unessential interaction between one and another (e.g. the guards & the visitors).
a. TimeTec VMS has Customizable Health Screening fields that keep records of visitors' details such as last travel destination, last person in contact, body temperature, any contact with Covid-19 contraction for PUI, close contact & casual contact, travel history, etc.
b. The solution also has a Visitor Pre-registration option that reduces the chances of gatherings and queueing up at the lobby; such as having QR Code Express Check in to avoid body contact during check in,
c. Customizable triggering criteria for person-in-charge to receive notification about Visitors with fever in order to take further action
d. TimeTec VMS has an option for unmanned reception, the i-Comm that serves as a self-service kiosk
e. It provides easily accessible materials because all information required is made available online without having to have contact with anybody.
  Q 3. If a visitor has a fever temperature, who would be alerted in the system and what should one do?
  A You can manage the access to three different administrators and each administrator will be granted with different access rights.
a. The master admin/full access administrator will have the rights to set and amend the recipient of the notification amongst all administrators.
b. Selected administrators will only receive an alert notification whenever a visitor corresponds to the health alert system is checked-in.
c. The administrator can view the details of the visitor, and respond to the situation immediately by giving the front desk a call to block the visitor from entering with TimeTec VMS real-time instant alert.
  Q 4. In TimeTec VMS, there is an option to activate pre-registration. Can the pre-registered visitors enter the building premises without having his health info screened?
  A No, none of the visitors can be excluded in performing a health screening check upon arrival. Walk-in visitors and pre-registered visitors will be measured body temperature prior to entering the premises. Pre-registration is a feature offered by TimeTec VMS that allows visitors to fill in their information online and speeds up the check-in process.
  Q 5. Should we take the temperature of the visitors or should they declare it to us?
  A It is recommended to have it measured on-the-spot to fulfill the standard precaution. A non-contact infrared thermometer shall be prepared at the frontdesk and input each individual's body temperature reading into the system to maintain a highly protected environment. Make sure to brief the frontdesk staff to wear protective gear such as face masks and gloves before taking the temperature and wash your hands properly after.
  Q 6. What if a person lies about the information they provided?
  A There is no guarantee that all information provided by the visitors are 100% credible since all visitors have the right to choose to disclose truthful or deceitful information about themselves (e.g. status of quarantine and the amount of times traveled to affected areas). TimeTec VMS offers only the software with features to record all relevant activities and retrace when necessary. We are not liable for the information provided by the visitors.
  Q 7. Who can access the information visitors revealed during the registration?
  A Only frontdesk, administrator accounts, and the host are able to access the information of the visitors. This section can be customized and you may add additional admins to the system anytime and as many times as you wish.
  Q 8. If we were to subscribe to TimeTec VMS, do we need to invest in any hardware?
  A It is recommended to purchase an Android tablet embedded with TimeTec VMS App known as the i-Vizit. This is particularly beneficial since it can be placed at the frontdesk to facilitate the registration and checking-in process of all visitors where information from the ID card (driver's license or ID) can be extracted using OCR. Logging into the i-Vizit app will provide real-time monitoring on the current active visitors at the premise. However, you can use a PC as we provide a TimeTec web version as an option for customers to save extra investment cost. The use of VMS on your PC will have no OCR function, but you can use an ID card scanner to read visitor's ID cards.
  Q 9. Our building decides to not employ a receptionist to handle the front desk, is there any option you can furnish to accomplish that?
  A Yes, TimeTec offers other alternatives if you wish not to set up a receptionist at your premise.
a. The unmanned front desk can be done by integrating TimeTec VMS with i-Comm. One-step Deployment: Download the i-Comm from the app store into your tablet and pair it with the TimeTec VMS account. Leave the tablet at the frontdesk and activate i-Comm. The visitor can perform a self-registration/check-in via the i-Comm directly.
b. The second option is TimeTec Hubot - an automated interactable robot that performs a variety of tasks rather than just pre-registering. Learn more about TimeTec Hubot
  Q 10. Covid-19 prevention pays attention to social distancing and contactless transaction, can you explain how TimeTec VMS can fulfil those two requirements?
  A TimeTec VMS built-in with attributes such as queue relief and pre-registration allows visitors to complete the check-in process remotely using their own personal devices. All of this information will be directly synced to VMS cloud data storage whereby the receptionist/host/admin can access these records via web browser/ devices. The process can be kept to a minimal interaction with quicker check-in process in reducing the waiting time and visitation purposes verification.
  Q 11. Do you supply any machines that can detect those with Covid symptoms before these individuals approach the front desk?
  A Yes we do. We have Smart X/TD, a door access face recognition machine that can detect body temperature of a user. You can also configure in the settings to enable or disable to detect users with masks on. If this feature is activated, all individuals must put on the masks in order to get verified. Otherwise, the access will be automatically denied by the device. However, this product is suitable for staff only because the face template must be registered before arrival to scan the face. Other options are metal detector with temperature reader and body temperature detection IP Camera plus Black Body to perform public scanning in a building. For details of Anti-Epidemic products, click here
  Q 12. How much is the cost of TimeTec VMS deployment?
  A For those who have selected to deploy only TimeTec VMS without pairing with any access control devices, the subscription fees cost RM1000 per floor per year. Contact our VMS Specialist, Tengku Sulaiman at to get your system and hardware quotations.
  Q 13. Is this payment a one-time purchase or it is a recurring payment?
  A Annual license fees are to be paid if you are subscribing to our cloud solution. No recurring payment is needed for any hardware purchased as it is a one-time purchase.
  Q 14. How easy is the deployment of this system?
  A Users are only required to fill in company information and the user list that is to be used as the host for managing visitors. For a one-floor deployment with less than 100 staff, it can be completed in 1 or 2 days. But please take note that all the staff (host) need to verify their emails, before the system can view all the hostnames inside the system for visitors to select. If you encounter any difficulty in setting up, please contact our support team for further assistance.
  Q 15. an we subscribe and DIY or that we will need to get support from your team?
  A You may choose to DIY the VMS setup if you wish. A comprehensive user guide can also be provided upon request so as to facilitate the completion of your software setup. For any further assistance, our support team is all ready to help. Email us at for a quick response.