Explore TimeTec VMS Health Screening Feature
New Feature released in TimeTec VMS!
Special Measure For Extra Security Prevention
Against Covid-19 and other Diseases
FingerTec News | 03/04/2020
Option 1: Walk-in Registration Option 2: Pre-register
All Visitors Will Encounter The Following Steps

1. Provide Essential Information (This step will be omitted for Pre-registered visitors)
2. Guards measure visitors’ temperature
3. Guards input visitors’ details and health status for system record
4. Health check approval
5. Access Granted

To enable this feature, the building management must:

Preselect safety rules for VMS Digital Health Screen form
Configure the notification settings for instant alert on weak health statuses
TimeTec VMS Health Screening Feature is a Guaranteed Protection

Contactless and Safe
With QR code and Facial Recognition available for instant identity verification, visitors do not need to have any form of close contact with anybody nor with any objects/devices. This promotes high hygiene, minutiae verification and effortless comfort of visitation.
Health Screening Report
A complete audit trail of visitors’ access activity in the VMS system, asserting validated status and statement of visitors’ body temperature, travelling history, status of quarantine etc.
With the right VMS installation, your premises will be able to enjoy to the fullest the efficient site control.
  Track easily who enters and leaves the building
  Elevate the prevention of theft and vandalism
  Monitor registered visitors with ID badges
Using this scanning technology will also become a tremendous helper on cost-saving and efficiency.
  Avoid long queue time and time-consuming registration
  Budget-friendly investment
  Increase safety and comfort of the working environment
There are certainly a lot more benefits which TimeTec visitor management system (VMS) can offer. Provided that this implementation of the system is important, serving to help boost protection efficiency, it is time for TimeTec VMS to show you how this is going to substantially change the security system you have been longing to find.