CanTec Printing and Packaging Sri Lanka Digitalizes Visitor Management with TimeTec VMS
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Sri Lanka | 05/04/2021
CanTec Printing & Packaging (Pvt) Ltd is the pioneer metal printer and can maker located in Rajagiriya, Sri Lanka. The business commenced 15 years ago is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Silicone Holdings (Pvt) Ltd, a group of companies involved in diversified industries such as manufacturing, packaging, and real estates. CanTec provides the best packaging solutions to the market in the fastest manner possible, and it aims to achieve total customer satisfaction by being the leading company in terms of reliability, innovation and competitiveness in its markets. The innovativeness and its customer-focused approach have helped CanTec being acknowledged as the leader in the metal packaging industry of Sri Lanka.

Now CanTec has grown into the largest specialized modern enterprise in Sri Lanka by maintaining the highest standards and offering a comprehensive client service.

In line with the aspiration to become a modern enterprise, CanTec has taken steps to digitalize its old-fashioned visitor management. The manual registration on a logbook has been proven ineffective to manage the growing number of visitors at their premises every day. It also provides them with no tool to alert on important appointments, no way to retrieve past information accurately and swiftly, and no way to make the visitors escape queuing.
Perfect Business Solution Services, TimeTec reseller in Sri Lanka, introduced Cantec to the modern cloud-based Visitor Management System, TimeTec VMS (

Essentially TimeTec VMS offers visitors three registration methods to ease visitor registration. Visitors can preregister details through TimeTec VMS App before a visit session and obtain preapproval for a smooth check-in process, and they can also opt for a walk-in registration where the reception can input the details by scanning an identification credential on the spot. Besides, CanTec employees can also invite their visitors using TimeTec VMS App to simplify the flow. A variety of registration process clears up the queuing process at the reception for CanTec.
The centralization of data in the cloud provides Cantec with full access to the incoming visitors who have made arrangements and scheduled appointments with them. Companies can refer to the previous records at any time, from anywhere, with ease. With the real-time transaction, CanTec management can easily view the current active visitors, incoming and past visitors, at the dashboard, and all these details are viewable in the reports available in TimeTec VMS.
A shift to TimeTec VMS is quick, easy and economical, and it provides CanTec with numerous advantages for a better process operation.

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