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TimeTec VMS App
A Convenient Tool for Visitor Management
FingerTec News | 05/07/2019
TimeTec VMS, the cloud-based Visitor Management System by TimeTec has launched its very own App to provide the utmost convenience to its users for visitor management. In the hectic world of today, the idea of someone just drop byfor a visit is rather unsettling. Either at the office or at home, urbanites particularly do not respond well to surprise visits. Even if some are not bothered by the unplanned visits, chances are, the person whom you want to meet might not be available due to various reasons. Hence, to avoid disappointment or awkwardness, having a pre planned visit or appointment is advisable. And, this is where TimeTec VMS App comes into the picture.

With TimeTec VMS App, a user can manage invitations as well as view its visitor information so no visits or appointments are missed or ignored. On the other hand, it gives the visitee a tool to preregister and inform the host that they plan to come on certain dates, and get the confirmation beforehand.
Initially, the App is loaded with the following useful features:
Manage invitations and view visitor information

View calendar for your invites and visits

View details of every visit

Get instant notification when your visitor has checked in

View your full visitor list

Block/Blacklist unruly visitors to heighten security. (admin only)

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This simple yet useful TimeTec VMS App becomes handy for people who are living in gated guarded community as well as those who are occupied most of the time, so arrangements can be planned ahead of time to avoid hassle and disappointment. On security aspect, visitors obtain approvals from the host beforehand to expedite the security check and the records are available in case details of the visit is required by the authority.

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