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Facility Booking For Corporates Use
FingerTec News | 05/07/2020
TimeTec VMS for Visitor Management System is renowned for its systematic procedures in streamlining the day-to-day access and records of visitors of premises. In moving beyond the reception activity, TimeTec VMS is crafted to do more than just that. Addressing the concern where corporate buildings do generally design a floor or two served particularly for meetings and guests receiving, TimeTec takes a step forward and introduces the latest facility booking feature that provides building management or company with the most accessible facility management ever.

In due course, corporate management can attain the maximum advantages of Facility Booking with TimeTec VMS. With this feature, a company can manage the facility (rooms) at their premises effectively without the presence of extra headcounts such as receptionists and security guards, making this feature entirely self-service and unmanned. The admin needs to register the facilities into the VMS, making them available for booking by the employees by the hour before the staff can invite guests for meetings or other purposes using those facilities.

The invitation through TimeTec VMS will create a QR code for the guest to access the designated floor and the assigned meeting room, and the QR code is permissible to be used within the booked time only. Therefore, visitors coming for meetings or events at your premises will know where to go and what to do, reducing the processing and the waiting time before any meetings/events start.

Nevertheless, in deploying this feature of TimeTec VMS in your premises, the company has to ensure that the primary entrance security and visitor management procedure are in place.
TimeTec VMS - Facility Booking

Can Achieve MORE For Corporate Security
Customize the check-in process
 Create Standardized Forms
 Restrictable access point access *Optional
 Restrictable meeting rooms access *Optional
Implement a touchless check-in process
 Screen and communicate ahead of time 
(By sending e-Form to visitors)
 Automated QR code generator after submission approval
Computerized visitation automation
 Self check-in by scanning QR code at access point
 Visitors’ data stored and pushed automatically to VMS portal
Corporate Management Will Benefit From
  Unmanned meeting space, reducing workforce cost
  Increase security and limit physical contact for health and physical safety
  Establish an ergonomic workplace
  Safety and easily retrieve data
  Real-time emergency lists
  Real-time and Historical reporting
* Features can be tailored to fit the many requirements each and all organizations have.
Integrating a practical visitor management system will be forming as part of a significant technological transition across organizations in the near future. The increasing usage of VMS for building access control is an indication of propelling satisfaction and improvement for corporate security.
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