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FingerTec News | 05/06/2020
With all the new guidelines set up to prevent the spread of infectious pathogens, all organizations and individuals are deemed essential to follow the infection prevention and control (IPC) measures in managing Covid-19 published by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The Ministry of Health has recommended the steps which ALL employers, industry and individuals must comply with to assure that regular personal hygiene and respiratory etiquette are on all-time alert.

In order to resume business operation, employers and employees are obliged to follow the new health regulations. This also includes residential areas where owners, pre-registered and walk-in visitors are obliged to practice health check upon arrival to maintain a protected environment.
One of the Most Important Steps in a Post-Covid territory:
Action by Employers
To conduct a Health Screening check on a regular basis with temperature reading, symptoms monitoring, travel history, last person in contact and other relevant health statuses information.
Action by Residential Management
To conduct a Health Screening check for all returned-from-outdoor owners, pre-registered and walk-in visitors with temperature reading, symptoms monitoring, last travel destination, last person in contact, other relevant health statuses and personal (if applicable) information.
TimeTec VMS delivers the quickest solution to this process with customisable form features. To accommodate the potential struggles in the forthcoming season, TimeTec strongly recommends businesses and residentials to power the online solution.

Opt an alternate ‘Health’ communication method with
TimeTec VMS

This Solution will be Your Smart Long-Term Investment
• Scalable in tailoring specific needs to your enterprises
• No need of high inventory costs
• Convenience in processing data
• Resolve human resource deficiency
• Secure against external threat
A Simple Guide to Use TimeTec Customisable VMS Form & Enable the Health Screening Feature
I. To begin the form customisation process in TimeTec VMS, Login > Settings > Visitation Settings > Visitor Details
Once the browser directs to the Visitor Details page, you will notice the highlighted fields are in either blue or grey. Admin will not be able to make any changes to ID/Driving License Photo, ID No., and Name, as they are classified as the required fields. For additional fields of information you deemed important, click on the ‘+’ icon to proceed. You may mark the self-defined fields as mandatory or optional by clicking on the icon or to simply remove it from the listing, click on the ‘bin’ icon.
To complete the updates, click on the icon on the top of the page. A confirmation notice of the new changes will be prompted.
Click Yes to bring up to date the latest amendment.
2. To enable the Health Screening Feature, Login > Settings > Visitation Settings > Health Screening
Toggle on the button beside the Health Screening Details. Three essential columns will show up on the page immediately after enabling. Under fields and triggering criteria, the admin can control the scale and value for determining body temperature. There you have the selections to customise staff and visitors' information input with their last visited place, status of quarantine, contact with an infected person etc. Up to three self-defined fields can be added to help users in creating a more comprehensive form they seek. Tailor the rest of the triggering criteria to fit your preferred needs and personalize the way you desired to issue notification alert.
TimeTec customisable VMS form will benefit you from
01 Arranging all of these settings efficiently
02 Performing health recording immaculately
03 Ensuring high certainty of all staff & visitors' health statuses monitoring

All data recorded in the system can be Retrieve, Retrace, and Refer. TimeTec VMS handles the health data you need, providing your organizations and domiciles a peace of mind.
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