FingerTec News | 30/05/2019
Hubot XV, TimeTec’s prime robot receptionist will be playing an active role in the upcoming Archidex exhibition happening from 3-6 July at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center. For this grand annual event for the architecture, interior design and building fraternity, TimeTec Cloud is collaborating with the organizers of Archidex to supply 5 Hubots to assist in the opening ceremony and simplify visitor registrations.

Hubot XV will be at the center stage during the opening ceremony by ushering the Minister who will be gracing the event and furthermore, a total of 4 Hubots will be performing a synchronized dance for the audience of the ceremony. What’s more, for the entire course of the exhibition, all these robots will be roaming around and welcoming people, as well as assist in the registration process by scanning their QR Code. Every year Archidex has been using its own App and WebApp for visitor registration where QR code will be provided on the smartphone for every registration. All the visitors have to do is to scan the QR code at Hubot and the printer server will receive the information and print the pass for the said visitor. When the process completes, Hubot will direct the visitor to go the right counter to collect his/her entrance pass. In total there will be 5 robots roaming around to greet and assist Archidex visitors throughout the 3-day exhibition.
TimeTec Hubot XV is a universal and programmable smart mobile robot which has been loaded with various interesting autonomous features, tailored to suit cloud-based TimeTec Access, TimeTec VMS for Intelligent Building 4.0, as well as i-Neighbour Smart Community 4.0. Hubot is programmed to interact with human through vision, speech and body language, to achieve both automation and security for the visitor management at office towers and residential communities. Hubot can register walk-in visitors, verify pre-registered visitors, receive and dispatch deliveries on behalf of the recipients, report to the control room and many more.
Hubot is taking artificial intelligence to the next step for a better, safer and more efficient community, and now Hubot will be taking care of visitors in this region’s leading architecture business event, Archidex.