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Malaysia | 05/03/2020
Magazine Forbes affirmed: “KONE, the 73rd in the Global 2000: World’s Best Employers list.” Being a global leader in the elevator & escalator industry , KONE Elevator (M) Sdn. Bhd. now own four branches across the country and has established the first training facility dedicated to the training of technicians and partners in the Malaysian market.

“The opening of KONE Academy will be a worthy investment. This center will enhance the skills of our own people so that they are able to serve customers better,” said KONE. Speaking on the occasion, this company has been constantly seeking opportunity to develop quality procedures and growing potential that adds value to their business.

When urbanization continues to support the growth of their industry, KONE is also proactively improving and ensuring that their management retains on form. Growing business indeed requires a match with growing technological advances to integrate the truly sustainable People Flow into their daily activities operation. After rounds of filtration, TimeTec VMS is chosen by KONE, serving as the BEST implementation choice that aids KONE in reinforcing their premise access control system.

With people attending classes and visitors dropping by day by day, it is difficult to keep the logbook in sequence and ensure that no activities have been skipped unintentionally in record at the same time.

i-Comm is a self service registration app that is connected with TimeTec BLE-2 door controller. Installed on a smartphone that is readily available to take over the receptionist role to ease the process of managing the arrival, the registering, and the departure of people flow.
How did it work for KONE?
  Notification Alert
KONE training center is a 3-storey building that does not have a space for receptionists to conduct the meet and greet session. i-Comm facilitates this issue by directing visitors to register on-the-spot at doorstep. Upon submission, the host/ building manager will receive an instant notification that asks for approval and access permission.
  More Advanced Selection
Pre-register Visitors
KONE trainers will be able to send out invitations via TimeTec mobile app to visitors. The link will direct visitors to fill out all necessary fields for system record (also to avoid long queues and long waste of time upon arrival).
  More Advanced Selection
QR Code Generator
KONE visitors will receive a QR Code after pre-registration submission and approval and be used as the credential to access into the building.
Where did all the records go?
  Strong backup TimeTec Portal
KONE finds it easy with all transaction records pushed to and stored in the VMS database at real-time all time. The high accessibility of access records gives the KONE management team close monitoring for heightened security arrangement.
  Printable Reports
KONE admin users can generate visitor reports via the web portal to review the visitation history to make sure all registered identities did not put threat to their premise.
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