Facilities Module in TimeTec VMS Available in
Nov 2020
FingerTec News | 05/11/2020
The Facility Module is the latest feature in TimeTec VMS for companies to manage bookings of available facilities in the office building by using the App or through the Web. Now, companies can add all their facilities into TimeTec VMS, define the settings/rules for each of the facilities to make them available for bookings.

Employees can apply to occupy the given slots for the facility, while approvers can review and respond to each application accordingly. Consequently, all bookings are automated, and history records are available for future references. This facility booking feature promotes convenience and improves processes as the entire flow is now self-serviced and unmanned.

This feature to automate facility booking for premises is included in TimeTec VMS Corporate version starting November 2020.

What's next for TimeTec VMS? Access control features will be incorporated in the facility, allowing only the person who books the facility to access the facility's door. The person will then grant access permission to visitors or employees when the booking request is approved.
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