TimeTec VMS Helps Restaurants Adhere to Covid-19 SOP Compliance
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Malaysia | 05/10/2020
After the Covid-19 lockdown, all Malaysian restaurants have to operate with a new normal that adheres to the Government’s SOP for contact tracing and health screening of each customer who dines in at a restaurant.

Responding to this call, TimeTec VMS offers a solution that automates this compliance: practising social distancing and providing touchless operation.
Restaurant/Retailer takes temperature of customers
Customer scan QR code
Fill up information
Records and reports are intact
TimeTec VMS requires each customer to scan the provided QR code using their own smartphone to input their details, including body temperature and contact number. On top, the restaurant owner gets to own the customer details for future marketing purposes, and the pre-configured visitation reports are kept safe in the system that is available in various formats for reference.

Vinny Jaya Banana Leaf Curry House is one of the eateries that subscribes to TimeTec VMS.
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