Q 1. What is TimeTec VMS for restaurants/retailers?
  A TimeTec VMS is a cloud-based solution that restaurant operators/retailers can use to collect information about their customers amid Covid-19 to make sure the traceability of their patrons for the authority, in case positive Covid-19 is found.
  Q 2. Why do restaurants/retailers need this solution?
  A Starting from May 4, 2020, the Malaysian government is allowing all eateries and restaurants/retailers to open their doors to customers under strict SOPs. Restaurants/Retailers are required to keep daily information about their customers, including their body temperatures for the authority to access when any positive Covid-19 is detected. Therefore, the TimeTec VMS provides automation of this process, plus it keeps all the records and reports intact for the audit if required.
  Q 3. What are the differences between TimeTec VMS and the Selangor government's Selangkah system in Malaysia?
  A The Government system's sole objective is to provide a simple feature in tackling the risk of Covid-19 transmission, nothing else; whereas TimeTec VMS is a comprehensive cloud visitor management system that offers traceable visitor records, and combating Covid-19 is just one of them.

As a business owner, you can't view, trace and retrieve your visitors or customers information and records in www.selangkah.my. The system is solely for the government to track close contacts in case of confirmed Covid-19 cases. Besides contact trace, a business owner also can make use of TimeTec VMS to view their visitors and customers information, and more. For restaurant operators and retailers, this information is valuable to strengthen customer engagement and improve sales.

Once the Covid-19 crisis is over, the government system is expected to shut down entirely, but TimeTec VMS system will stay to continue benefitting business owner in many aspects; and should be deployed as a part of a digital transformation process for your company.
Product TimeTec TA TimeTec VMS MySejahtera Gerak Malaysia MyTrace SELangkah (Selangor State)
Objective To record staff attendance complete with health monitoring and close contact tracing To manage visitors to premises complete with health screening and close contact tracing For individuals to submit health declaration For individuals to submit movement application and control during lockdown period To identify people who are close to an infected person For the state government to track close contacts in case of confirmed Covid-19 cases
Applicable to Company Company Individual Individual Individual Company
App App QR code or App App App App QR code
Features Flexible & comprehensive attendance system Flexible & comprehensive visitor management system Single purpose with limited features Single purpose with limited features Single purpose with limited features Single purpose with limited features
Usage post Covid-19 Crisis Yes Yes No No No No
Value add to the business process Yes Yes No No No No
Data Ownership Business Owner
(Data submission to authority when required)
Business Owner
(Data submission to authority when required)
Government Government Government Government
Security ISO27001 ISO27001 Undisclosed Undisclosed Undisclosed Undisclosed
Mandatory to Compliance/ Effectiveness Yes/Yes Yes/Yes Individually motivated/Uncertain Individually motivated/Uncertain Individually motivated/Uncertain Yes/Uncertain
Business Digital Transformation Yes Yes No No No No
  Q 4. How is the flow of using this solution?
  A When a customer reaches a restaurant wanting to dine in, the restaurants/retailers will take the body temperature of the customer. When the temperature is ok, he/she needs to scan the QR code provided by the restaurant, fill up the information required and submit. Once submitted, the restaurant will allow the customers to dine in the restaurants. Restaurants/Retailers can deny access to any customers who are having fever or high temperature for the benefits of the majority. All the information of the customers will be kept in the server and retrievable when required.
  Q 5. Do you supply the temperature sensor?
  A TimeTec will not provide a temperature sensor when a restaurant subscribed to TimeTec VMS solution. The restaurant has to prepare the sensor itself. Our solution provides the field to input the body temperature data for the authority.
  Q 6. What is the information contained in the QR relief?
  A It contains your restaurants/retailers logo, address and contact details and the information you required from your customers.
  Q 7. Why do we need customers to insert information themselves?
  A This process is vital amid Covid-19 because we need to promote contactless transaction as much as possible. Having customers to write using pen and form that you prepare is not complying with the contactless/social distancing that the government is promoting to combat Covid-19.
  Q 8. What information is saved in TimeTec VMS?
  A TimeTec VMS will save the information that is required by the government such as name, address, IC number, and the temperature. If your restaurants want to include other details, it is your decision. However, we suggest reducing the amount of information to the minimum to ease the process.
  Q 9. How do we extract that information for the authority?
  A TimeTec VMS offers reports that you can download, email to the authority or print when required.
  Q 10. If we subscribed to this solution for one branch, can we use it for other branches as well?
  A The price of subscription of TimeTec VMS is RM88 per branch per 3 months. Therefore, if you have more than one, you need to subscribe to each branch. Discounts apply to businesses that have more than ten branches in Malaysia.
  Q 11. When the solution is deployed in many branches, can the HQ view all the information from one point?
  A Yes, TimeTec VMS is a cloud-based solution and therefore, the architecture of the system allows the HQ to have access to the information of the branches under it.
  Q 12. What are the benefits of subscribing with the solution?
  A There are four significant benefits of this solution:
Contactless self-input System - The patrons scan the QR code, self declare their information through their own device, reducing the workload of the restaurant operators/retailers.
Traceability - Restaurants will have all the information about their patrons including the time they dine with them in case of positive Covid-19
Accountability - Restaurants/retailers exercising the SOP required by the government and have proofs of records and reports.
Customer Contacts for Marketing Purposes
  Q 13. Do customers need to install the App?
  A No, they don't. They just need to scan, and they will be given a link to fill up the information.
  Q 14. What if the customers lie about the information?
  A We are providing a channel for the customers to self-declare by inputting the information. We can't guarantee the truth of the information provided.
  Q 15. Do we need to subscribe to this solution for a specified duration, or we can do it every month?
  A TimeTec VMS is a subscription basis solution, and therefore you can subscribe according to your requirements and we are charging it per 3 months basis. However, it is recommended to go for a longer duration because a discount would apply for an annual subscription.