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Versatile TimeTec VMS for
Smart Visitor Management
FingerTec News | 03/05/2019
Introducing TimeTec VMS, a smart Visitor Management System that offers users three different visitor interfaces named as i-Vizit, I-Comm and Hubot XV. These three interfaces satisfy different style to VMS and the choice depends on customer preferences.
i-Vizit Tablet Panel is an interface that offers a regular method, which still requires guard/receptionist to attend to walk-in/pre-registered visitors.
i-Comm Visitor Self-Service Panel is an interface based on self-service concept, where there is no human intervention involved in the process of receiving visitors either for walk-in or pre registered visitors. Video calls are made available, and the i-Comm is available in the form of desktop stand or wall mounted casing.
Hubot XV is an interactive robot receptionist that offers a better visitor experience for VIPs when it is integrated with IoT access control devices complete with video call function.
i-Vizit - Reception Made Easy
i-Vizit App is the most comprehensive Visitor Management System, developed as a core component to be installed at the guardhouse’s/reception’s tablet for VMS for residential using i-Neighbour solution and office use using TimeTec VMS App. The i-Vizit App can be integrated with TimeTec VMS App at the employee’s side to handle walk-in and pre-registered visitors. The App is also embedded with an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature to read and extract info from driver’s license, identity card or passport to better enhance the security aspect. Additionally, i-Vizit App is compatible with our i-Comm App as well, a Visitor Self-Service Video Call App to facilitate the visitor management process. That’s not all, i-Vizit further includes Visitor Registration, Checked-In Visitors Monitoring, Panic Button Alert, and many more features in place.

This i-Vizit Smart Solution can fulfill even more sophisticated requirements for communities and office towers alike when paired with our wide range of IoT Smart Devices, such as Siren Kit for Alarm System, IP Camera for Cloud Surveillance System, Smart Access for Boom Gate, Car Plate Number Recognition, Smart Turnstiles and etc.

For an improved security, the i-Vizit tablet for guardhouse can also act as a SOS call desk whenever residents activate the Panic Button within i-Neighbour App on their smartphone during an emergency; triggering an alarm on i-Vizit App to alert security guards on duty. Smart Technology is the Future and the Way Forward; download the App today to experience the convenience of a Smart Solution.

TimeTec VMS generates QR code for visitors to use as access credentials, and TimeTec QR Master reader is recommended as visitor access control system.

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i-Comm - Enhance Visitor Management System with Video Call Visitor Self-Service Panel
i-Comm is a modern smart intercom that allows visitors to speak directly to a visitor in real-time via Video Call App. Via the i-Comm, visitor and host can communicate directly using face-to-face or face-to-voice mode. This version of smart intercom is a great option to replace the expensive and outdated intercom system and it is made accessible for visitors to use with self-service Visitor Management panel/kiosk. Therefore, the use of i-Comm can reduce operating cost by reducing the need for manpower just to manage visitors into a premises or a building.

By using i-Comm, all visits are authorized by tenants complete with the audit trail records and visual proof of visitors will be recorded for security reference. The i-Comm can be Integrated and interacted with i-Vizit Guard Panel for Visitor Access Control automation in order to reduce visitor waiting time.

The Workings of i-Comm in An Automated Enclave
  1. A visitor reaches a neighbourhood’s lobby, he/she uses i-Comm to video call the unit owner, the pre-registered visitors can scan their QR code.
  2. The host will receive the call on the iTimeTec VMS App installed on his/her smartphone.
  3. Simultaneously, the host can view the video stream captured by the tablet’s front camera to approve the visitor.
  4. Once approved, the video call will be terminated instantly. Note: For a community that requires extra layer of security, i-Comm panel can be embedded with TimeTec OCR for visitors to show their ID for record purposes.
  5. Upon confirmation, a command will be sent to the designated BLE-2 to trigger unlock door function. If the door is still locked, the visitor can touch the screen to retry within 30 seconds.
  6. A visitor needs to snap a photo of the QR Code displayed onscreen or the QR ID to be used for exit. Ignore this step if the office tower equips the pathway with an exit push button.
  7. Otherwise when exiting the lobby, visitors should scan the QR code or key in the QR ID on the i-Comm exit tablet panel to be allowed out.
Hubot - The Robot Receptionist For Intelligent Building & Smart Community
TimeTec Hubot is a universal and programmable smart mobile robot which has been loaded with various interesting autonomous features, tailored to suit cloud-based TimeTec VMS for Intelligent Building 4.0, and i-Neighbour Smart Community 4.0. Hubot is programmed to interact with human through vision, speech and body language, to achieve both automation and security for the visitor management at office towers and residential communities. Hubot can register walk-in visitors, verify pre-registered visitors, receive and dispatch deliveries on behalf of the recipients, report to the control room and many more. Hubot is taking artificial intelligence to the next step for a better, safer and more efficient community.
Hubot is built-in with i-Neighbour App and TimeTec VMS App to carry out the entire visitor management for residences and office towers independently. Embedded with Optical Character Recognition(OCR) technology, Hubot is designed to read Driver's License, Identity card and Passport to speed up visitor's registration process, whereby visitors can just slot-in the ID with fingerprint module for identification; totally DIY. Once visitors have successfully checked in, the Hubot will send notification to visitee. Speech is incorporated to welcome visitors and Hubot also functions as a self check-in kiosk.
With an array of choice for building owner and management,
TimeTec VMS is simply the best option for a better Visitor Management System for your premises.

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