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TimeTec VMS Pricing


Best for Small Company & School
Best for Medium, Large Company & Factory
Best for Corporate Towers with Multiple Companies/Tenants

USD59 /month

First Location

USD99 /month

2nd location onwards

USD59 /month

USD179 /month

USD249 /month

USD299 /month

USD369 /month

USD499 /month

App User 10 50 Unlimited
Location 1 Multiple Location Multi tenancy for corporate towers
Pre-register meeting location -
Allow employees to move between locations -
Access Control integration -
Mobile App
Web app/iPad App
Unlimited visitors
Multiple admins
Facility Booking
Health Screening
Custom visitor category
Custom Sign-in flows
Advanced pre-registration
Real-time dashboard & analytics
Internal deny lists
Remember details of returning visitors
Real-time notifications
Custom Branding
*Add On
Additional 10 App users
(Standard & Advanced Package)

USD50 /month

* Self Service Kiosk

USD30 /month


USD30 /month

* Printer

USD0 /month

Microsoft Outlook Calendar integration

USD50 /month

**Add On - Access Control
* Door Access

USD50 /month

* Lift Access

USD200 /month

* Turnstile Access

USD50 /month

* Parking Access

USD80 /month

* Not including hardware cost   ** Acess - supports Face Recognition & QR Code
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