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1. How is the calculation of VMS pricing?

The calculation is simple. TimeTec VMS is priced at RM 500/ USD 200 per building floor per year. For example, if your building has a total of 10 floors, the total subscription cost for TimeTec VMS would be (RM500/USD200 x 10 floors) RM 5000/ USD 2000 per year.

2. There are wide and long floors and there are also narrow and short floor; would the price be the same regardless of the floor size?

Yes. We do not restrict on the size of the floor, all building types will be charged by floor regardless of the floor size.

3. What if I have more than 10 floors but I purchase the license for only one floor?

You will only be able to add one floor in TimeTec VMS and your visitors can only visit their host at that particular floor only.

4. Once I have purchased licenses for visitors, how long can I use the licenses?

We charge the licences on a yearly basis. Hence, the licences purchased can be used for one year from the day you subscribe and every renewal is calculated on a yearly basis as well.

5. Can I return the purchase and exchange it for cash?

Yes. You can only if you want to terminate your subscription with us. As such, you are entitled to a refund of the unused subscription for such months which you have paid in advance. Refer to our Payment Policy for more info.

6. How do I calculate if my company occupies one full floor and another half floor?

We charge by floors, therefore the size of the floor doesn’t matter. The system will consider your half floor as one floor also.

7. Do you also count the number of visitors my company receives?

Yes. The system will have the information about the visitor count but don't worry, we do not charge you based on the number of visitors you have via TimeTec VMS.

8. If my company is occupying 2 floors in a building and 3 floors in another building, how should the purchase be like?

You will be required to subscribe to 5 floors in total.

9. My company has a 3 storey building whereby only the ground and 1st floor are accepting guests or visitors but the second floor is the store for the inventory, could I purchase for one floor only?

You should only buy for 2 floors that accept visitors then.

10. If I pay for 3 years subscription, do you offer any discounts?

Of course! If you are interested to subscribe for 3 years in advance, please drop us an email at info@timeteccloud.com and our sales team will give you a special discount.